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Purifiber LLC is the world leader in the design and production of a wide range of cellulose filtration products, specifically tailored to the needs of the metalworking industry. As the need for higher surface finish and closer part tolerance increases, greater emphasis has been placed on numerous key fluid parameters, including delivery pressures, chemical stability and fluid cleanliness. Fluids used in manufacturing processes of metal removal include:

  • Water-based synthetic coolants
  • Micro-emulsions
  • Soluble oils
  • Straight mineral and cutting oils of varying viscosity.

Each application is unique with regards to the fluid, metallurgy, type and amount of removal, and final finish and geometry requirements. Your Purifiber® technical support team will assist you in selecting the grade of cellulose that is right for you.

By considering cycle life and the filtration rate that complements your equipment design, you get a filter aid that balances the needs of the manufacturing process while providing the consistent clarity levels critical to meeting production parameters and controlling costs.

As the metalworking industry has taken steps to become a responsible leader in protecting our environment, Purifiber® helps you limit waste. Spent cellulose is acceptable for direct landfill. With greater emphasis on recycling and metal recovery, spent cellulose filter aid, with a very low ash content is preferred over any other type of filter aid. Where required, it provides superior fluid release properties—it remains the purest and simplest filtration option. And Purifiber® does it best.

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