Pouring in the benefits.

In the beverage industry, cellulose filter aids have been proven the superior filtering media to achieve solids removal and meet stringent clarity requirements. As a food grade material with USFDA GRAS Status, powdered cellulose is the recommended filter aid in the processing of many beverages including:

  • Beer, Ale
  • Wine
  • Fruit Juices
  • Spirits
  • Liqueurs

Appearance is crucial in the beverage industry, so the product clarity that Purifiber® cellulose filter aids supply is key. Beverage filtration applications require a high degree of filtration with the total assurance of no bleed-through or bypass. The fibrous nature of Purifiber┬« cellulose filter aid materials ensures that filtration efficiency is maintained at all times to meet or exceed all clarity requirements. Beverage "sparkle" or "brightness" is easily achieved with the proper grade of cellulose filter aid.

Your Purifiber® technical support team has years of experience in the application of the cellulose filter aid that is just right for your beverage filtration application. They are also experienced with the various types and methods of filtration equipment employed in your production operations to ensure complete operational compatibility.

With most beverage filtration applications, spent cellulose filter aid becomes a natural food source for livestock. In other cases, the material serves as an excellent fertilizer, aiding in soil treatment and rejuvenation.

For every beverage application, Purifiber® makes it simple to keep your real liquid assets pure.

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