Pure and Simple.

Purifiber LLC is an industry leader in high purity fiber products for filtration, providing customized product solutions to meet the changing marketplace. We offer better efficiencies, exceptional service, and a broader global presence with four modern manufacturing facilities located throughout the world. Further, Purifiber is a worldwide leader in the processing of cellulose fibers. This allows our company to offer customers a wide range of the highest quality products in the industry. Rest assured that Purifiber is capable of manufacturing a product that is tailored to your specific requirements.

Purifiber's industry specialists understand your business, and will work with you to create customized solutions to your application needs. We accomplish this by offering comprehensive lab analysis, technical assistance, and specialized manufacturing processes, along with various packaging options to ensure our customers the best possible service and performance for their unique filtration applications. We at Purifiber aim to continually exceed our customer's expectations.

Purifiber offers customers solutions that work. Perhaps that's why we're known as the most trusted solution-oriented supplier in the industry.

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